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A delay in my blog as happened due to power shortages, internet being down and me being sick for a couple of days.
I am very thankful for all the people who have helped me care for the two children – it is not over yet but it soon will be. While looking after a 15 yr and 6 yr sounds easy it certainly has not. I moved from my little room into the main house while I was caring for the baby. The main house is small and I shared a room with the children and the baby. The bed I slept in was interesting as if you rolled over you would fall out of bed – not just fall out of bed but the whole bed would flip over. I had the baby sleeping a box beside me – this was good as the ants could not get to the baby and I had a little bug net over the box.

Baby in a box – 8151


My new digs – 8152
The problem I had with sleeping in the house was the number of bugs. They do not have screens on all the windows. I had mosquito, ant and spider bites all over my legs, back, hands, arms and neck. Some of the spider and ant bites were not pretty. I also was not using any repellant because of the baby. I moved back to my little room, started applying repellant and soak my legs in the ocean and they have just about all cleared up – yeah !!!


A the beach - 8154
Every day the girls get up at 6 - I sing to them every day to get them up – You Are My Sunshine” – I am not a great singer but they like it (or so I think) and then it is off to school before 7:30 a.m. With the other little boy that comes over every day.

Off to School – 8160

The other child – 8158

To help was supposed to be a cook – well that did not happen. So the lady that doesn’t do much of anything had to cook – she was not happy at all – I nicked name her P.I.T.A. as she was always not happy about something.


P.I.T.A. 8162

However she wanted to be my friend – she turned out to be really nice and even made me one of the recycled paper bracelet and earrings.
Then I have my helpers – Paulo and Ageny – Paulo goes to school so is here in the afternoon – did I mention that school is only half a day. Ageny does not attend school. These two boys have been wonderful even if they eat all the food. I have run into things like no drinking water which they buy from the water bottle people. Here they use the same plastic water containers over and over – I really don’t know how clean it is but it alright. I also ran out of non- drinking water – this comes in a tanker truck and they fill up the well so to speak. I also had a propane leak – thanks to the boys I did not blow the house up.


Ageny – 8163


Paulo helping with homework – 8145

Paulo is currently in grade 10 and wants to become a doctor – he gets so excited when he talks about going to medical school. He is a very smart boy and is very nice. I hope his dream will come true one day.

And of course the 15 yr old who really can cook well. Behaviour wise not so good as she keeps picking on the 6 yr old – like all the time. However her cooking is good – she takes coconut and shreds it all and puts in a big pot of boiling water – she boils it for about 30 mins and then removes all the coconut pulp out of the water. After that is complete she puts the rice into the water – it is the best coconut rice ever. So I really can’t be mad at her for too long or I would starve on Sunday.

Cleaning rice - 8148

I also have this one certain 19 or 20 yr pregnant young lady named Linda. She doesn’t do much but eat and as the food is limited she had to go back home. She would hang out all day long and would often be in the clinic touching things. She no longer hangs around here.

Linda – 8149

And the biggest help has been Yvette. She has been just so wonderful in assisting me and if nothing else she gets me a bottle of beer every night. I really don’t even like beer but I am loving it more.

Yvette with babe – 8146

And the most difficult part of all of this is the children don’t speak English – they speak French or Cajun or both together. My French is coming along alright and I am able to communicate in a limited way. However sometimes they just look at me and sometimes they laugh. No big deal at least I am trying.

Until next time

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