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Gone Baby Gone - Part 2

So when I left off on Friday we had the baby – it was a very rough afternoon and evening as trying to bottle feed a breast fed baby is not easy – the formula was causing her all sorts of problems. But that was not the only issue we had no power. In the afternoon some guy with a truck tried to squeeze by another truck and in the process ripped down the power pole – sparks flying everywhere. The guy get out of his truck removes the live wires with a stick – and decides to take off. Well the neighbours chase after him – it was a sight to see all of them yelling and screaming – no one was happy. I guess it takes about 2 weeks or more to get fixed. Well they didn’t catch the guy – he had a truck and they were on foot.
So great we are now in total darkness – except for candles.

Around 930 that night the mom of the baby shows up – she got in through the clinic door as it was open due to Yvette being with a client. She is yelling and screaming to have her baby back – I am in the house with baby and Sarah is trying to talk to her. There is no reasoning with her – Sarah ends up calling the social worker and the special police force that deals with these sorts of things. It was interesting to see 4 police officers and the 3 social workers from the afternoon walk into the yard within less than 10 minutes. They ended up taking the mom away and we were unsure what was going to happen.

So Sarah is leaving at 3 a.m. to go to the airport – she is up trying to get ready and I with the baby trying to squeeze in sleep when I can. She leaves and I am now alone with the 3 children in the dark. Now I ask myself what am doing here?
Next day the lady that is supposed to work around the house but really doesn’t do much showed up. I am trying to pick up things to make it look clean for the girls and doing dishes ( there are always stacks and stacks of dishes to do) – I say to her look after the baby so I can sleep for a couple of hours but before I do that can you phone the social worker to find out what is happening with the mom. It turns out mom is in jail – unsure what they charged her with or do they need to charge her. All she wants is a change of clothes. So I will let the lady that doesn’t do much deal with this. I need sleep !!

Sleep was not to come – she woke me up every 5 minutes to ask me something. Finally I give up – the baby is gone when I ask where is the baby she says at the clinic – why I don’t know. She tells me I should bring the baby to the jail so mom can breast feed the baby – I say no. She then ask for a breast pump – I tell her to go talk to Yvette – Yvette says no to the breast pump. She is upset – she comes to get me and says please can you talk to Yvette. I talk to Yvette and I agree with her – we don’t know what is happening with mom let’s leave it like it is.
So that is all fine – I go lay down again – she says to me come to the jail with me – I have no desire to go to the jail – she is upset and she leaves to go bring clothes, soap, toothbrush, water and food. A short time later she returns she is upset because the jail would not allow her to give the mom the fork she brought – the mom didn’t want the food she only wanted the fork.

So she leaves – thank you. When she leaves they actually start to work on the power – to many people phoned in so they decided to fix it – it really had to do with the government building right across from us I believe. So we now have power – yeah !!!

So I finally get the baby settled for the night – get the girls to bed and do the dishes. I am ready to go to bed and my phone rings – it is the social worker saying to me she is bringing the mom back to me tonight as she doesn’t think jail is a good place for her. I say no – she is shocked by this answer – I tell her that is Sarah’s decision and she is in the states. She is very upset and I tell her I will get back to her. I phone Gwen a lady who runs an orphanage and she knows the social worker really well – I tell her what is happening. She says to me it could be just a communication issue as she wouldn’t return her tonight.

Gwen phones me back and says yes indeed that was her plan however nothing will happen until she speaks to Sarah. I already know Sarah has said no not until she returns. I don’t know what will happen at this point to the mom or the baby. And that social worker should get a life – who works 24/7 I guess they do here which is really amazing.

The baby is doing better so I get a least 3 hours of sleep – this is good. Sunday comes and I am feeling better. I also have time to take a shower – which is a good thing. Yvette has been wonderful – thank goodness for her – she provides moral support and a beer every night. I am really starting to look forward to that beer. Sunday was alright as far as the baby goes and the girls.

Sunday night finally get the girls to bed and the baby settled – I am to tried to do dishes tonight. I get into my little cot (I did take a picture but I can’t down load the pictures off my camera as I am unsure what I did with my cord) – cockroaches, ants, mosquitos and a six year old that wets the bed – oh it is all good. It was a long night however I made it. The girls are up at 6 for school and I get another little boy that comes over until school starts – it is all good except for the dead rodent on the floor. At this point it doesn’t even faze me.

So at this point lack of sleep, lack of food, worried and a little scared – and I am actually starting to like the sound of the cockroaches at night – it is like music that helps me sleep. I am now questioning my sanity !!! Oh and I have to make lunch for 15 people today – don’t know how I am going to that exactly but I have 3 hours to figure it out.

There are some wonderful things that have happened which I will write about later this week. I have to go as the lady that really doesn’t do anything is back – oh give me strength !!!

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