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I don’t even know where to start – last week was a week of amazing highs to incredible lows. I don’t even think I can write about the highs as they have been over shadowed by the lows. Where do I start?

Here goes – early on in the week one of the children told Sarah that $50 US was found and now had gone missing. It didn’t take long to figure out that the mom of the baby had taken the money and now it was nowhere to be found. While Sarah couldn’t say for sure that is who took the money, she just gave her a warning. What happened after that was totally unexpected – she said she was going to leave as she was not going to live in a place where people didn’t trust her. Sarah was clear that she has two rules – no lying or stealing and that in fact she didn’t say she took the money. So a day passes and nothing happened and then the following day she informed Sarah she was leaving. Sarah was clear that she could not hold her back however would call social services as they had placed her with Sarah. She wanted to take all the clothes for the baby – Sarah informed her was not going to take the baby with her. She left.

She returned a short time later and took the baby – Sarah couldn’t stop her and she didn’t want to fight her when the baby was in the middle. Social Services was called – they had some idea of what part of town she maybe in but could not locate her. They stated that when they did locate her she would be placed in jail for kidnapping.

So the day after that she shows up without the baby demanding her things. Social Services arrive – they all drive motor bikes which is odd. Anyway they try to talk to her to figure out where the baby is and everyone gets into it – even the computer guy that was at the clinic fixing one of the staff’s laptops. It was a little crazy – after sometime and the threat of jail she decides to take them where the baby is.

Things get a little crazy as the people where she said she was staying at said she showed up that day asked if they could look after the baby as she needed to pick up her stuff – Social Services also went around the neighbourhood to talk to everyone – saying why would you take someone in with a baby and not ask questions – as this was a kidnapping they could all be arrested – well the neighbours did not take that well – a lot of shouting, etc. The mom felt she should be able to keep her baby and she wanted the police involved as social services had no rights to talk her baby – that made me smile I have heard that before.

At the police station it turns out that she is not 15 yrs old – which is interesting as earlier on in the week she had told me she wasn’t 15 but 18 – I just laughed about it – I am not laughing now. In Haiti if you are I think 16 or 18 with children Social Services cannot do anything unless the parent wishes to place their child elsewhere even if they are beating them – however in this case she has no proof of age and she lied to get services. If she gets proof of her age the baby will be given back to her. As well it turns out the likely father was a boyfriend who is nameless and not a rape as she told everyone. But the upside of this is that there is a special police division that will respond in 10 minutes if she trys to take the baby with Social Services permission.

So to make matters more interesting Sarah is leaving on Saturday to go to the States for a number of meetings to get funding and will be returning on Oct 16th. So that would be 10 days. The original plan was that I was going to care for all 3 girls and the baby. The baby was doing great and I was a little freaked out to be caring for 4 children in Haiti when I don’t really speak or understand the language. And I really don’t know how things work here. I was freaked out then ask me how I am doing now ??? So now I will have 2 children – one 6 year old with out of control behaviours – she is normally sweet but can blow up for whatever reason and is hard to control when she gets that way. A very passive 15 year old that I don’t want to add more responsibility on and a breast feeding 2 and half week baby with no breast to feed on. I have to ask women who come to the clinic if they would breast feed the baby and if there isn’t anyone I will bottle feed. And add the fear of someone taking the baby when I am not watching – I thought I knew what stress was before well I think this situation tops it all.

I just have to process all of this and get things in place – one step at a time – I know it should all work out as these things do and if it doesn’t I did get that extra insurance on my plane ticket to change flights – right now I am thinking about it ! Or maybe someone would like to come to Haiti for the next 10 days - free food and a place to stay !!

Well my sunshine, rainbows and unicorns have a few dark clouds but I know in the end I can do this – oh I hope I can !!!!

Posted by LiseD 12:49

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