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Do you know what sound cockroaches make?

Quick blog – next one I will actually talk about what I am doing and where I am living. What really is on my mind is bugs !! So the first night I am here I keep hearing this sound in my room – I am not sure what it is however every time I put the light on the noise stops. I thought I was hearing things – power goes out at 3 a.m. and the sound is a little louder – nothing I can do. Well the next day I am thinking I need to cool off so I will take a shower – not like a shower at home but it is cold water that kind of sort of comes out of the shower head. I look down and staring back at me is a cockroach – if you would have asked me at the time I would have said it was a least a foot long – actually the body was only about 2 inches. So I grabbed this little thing of soap and poured in on the little sucker. I didn’t what else to do – anyway I can say it had a clean death if nothing else. My concern is not that cockroach but I always thought they have a lot of friends – a very social creature as I recall. Well last night the noise was back – I wonder where his friends are ???

My next bug issue is ants – thousands upon thousands of little itty bitty ants. They crawl on you – I am always shaking my legs. It is not too bad if you don’t have food. They appear to be able to smell food that is sealed up as I learnt. I had an Aktins bar in my carryon which I had forgotten about. Well I see this little trail of ants going into my clothes – I didn’t freak out or anything – yes I did as I start shaking everything. Then I realized where they were going – right for the bar. It was not a pretty sight – bar and ants left my room through the window – everything is good now.

My only other concern and it has nothing to do about bugs – but my luggage has not arrived as we need to go to Port au Prince to pick it up. So the only thing I have as far as deodorant goes is perfume I bought at the duty free story - Acqua di Gioia – great smell however it doesn’t work so well as a deodorant – helpful travel tip. Any way I will get it tomorrow so hopefully things will improve !!

Until next time.

Posted by LiseD 12:22

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Funny how the bug horrors are always discovered in the middle of the night! Etched forever on my brain is finding a cockroach in the venetian blinds. I hunted down the noise in the middle of the night and found the source as the roach stuck his little antennae between the blinds! I got into the habit of calling call out "Sabine" (the name I've given all cockroaches) before getting up in the middle of the night or opening any cupboards, just to warn the critters I was coming. They were always there lurking!

by kwtraumer

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